A Julia package for statistical inference, data manipulation and visualization of phylogenetic networks

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Maximum pseudolikelihood estimation of species network. The procedure involves a numerical optimization of branch lengths and inheritance probabilities and a heuristic search in the space of phylogenetic networks.

SNaQ is one function within the PhyloNetworks Julia package.

Bayesian species delimitation integrating genes and traits data.

WI Fast Stats
Integrated web page with access to all available web apps for data visualization of WI Fast Plants
YouTube short tutorial

Also please see the github repo.

Software developed by Yizhou Li.

An R package for fitting Conditional Auto-Regressive LASSO, a class of models that infers (sparse) Gaussian chain graph with predictor and response nodes as well as its extensions

Check out the documentations and tutorials.

Software developed by Yunyi Shen.

Potato Dashboard
Proprietary data visualization and data analysis dashboard for the WI Seed Potato Cert program

Check out the github repo.

Software developed by Haoming Chen and Elaine Wu.

A Julia package for fitting Bayesian Network Regression, a model for inferring the relationships between microbiome networks and a dependent variable of interest like biological phenotypes.
Check out the documentation and tutorials.

Software developed by Sam Ozminkowski.

BioKlustering is a web app for learning and visualization of genomic data. You can choose from a variety of supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised machine-learning methods to cluster genomic sequences.
Check out the github repo.

Software developed by Yuke Wu and Sam Ozminkowski.

LatinxInStat database
The LatinxInStat database contains information of Latinx statisticians and data scientists. If you identify as Latinx, please add yourself to the database. If you are organizing a conference, please use this database to include a more diverse representation of speakers.

Software developed by Reed Nelson.