El Zoominario


Below is the full list of El Zoominario speakers, but the talks are separated by topic in the left menu.

Date Country Speaker Title YouTube TikTok TikTok intro
2 Oct 2020 Daniel Pimentel-Alarcon Machine-learning, inside the black-box youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
6 Nov 2020 Jose Alonso Solis-Lemus Supporting 2 patients with 1 ventilator youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
4 Dec 2020 Rosana Zenil-Ferguson Impact of polyploidy and biome on fern diversification youtube (653k)    
8 Jan 2021 Claudia Solis-Lemus Learning the Tree of Life youtube (653k) tiktok (653k) tiktok (653k)
5 Feb 2021 Helena Jaramillo-Mesa Unraveling protein production mechanisms in plant viruses youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
5 Mar 2021 Maria Gracia Garcia Immune cell interactions with imaging flow cytometry youtube (653k)    
2 Apr 2021 Quimi Vidaurre Fungi and fungus-farming insects: friends and enemies youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
7 May 2021 Fabricia Nascimento Simulation framework for HIV epidemics youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
4 Jun 2021 Vianey Leos Barajas Latent structures in ecological and environmental data youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
2 Jul 2021 Ariadna Gonzalez-Solis Plant membrane lipids, a tale of life and death youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
6 Aug 2021 Victor Zavala Sustainability Challenges in the Dairy Industry youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
3 Sep 2021 Stephanie Colon-Santos Looking for life: A quest into the Origins of life and Astrobiology youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
5 Nov 2021 Fernando Campos Hasta la vista, baby! Terminating Cardiac Arrhythmias with Computer Simulations youtube (653k) tiktok (653k) tiktok (653k)
7 Jan 2022 Ana Salgado Ecological implications of host plant quality for herbivorous insects youtube (653k) tiktok (653k) tiktok (653k)
4 Feb 2022 Miguel Reyes Does stress help us adapt and survive? youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
1 Apr 2022 Juliana Gonzalez Tobon What makes potatoes sick? youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
6 May 2022 Adriana Romero-Olivares Fungal responses to climate change and consequences to our ecosystems youtube (653k) tiktok (653k) tiktok (653k)
3 Jun 2022 Rene Flores Garcia Emulating a Pulsar in BRB youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
1 Jul 2022 Nayomi Plaza Rodriguez Elucidating the nanoscale interactions between wood and water youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
5 Aug 2022 Diana Tabima Martinez Engineering a small diameter vascular graft youtube (653k) tiktok (653k) tiktok (653k)
2 Sep 2022 Laura Muñoz Baena Less Is More: How Viruses Evolve Compact Genomes youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
7 Oct 2022 Natalia Rosario-Melendez Bacterial languages: Communication in a multispecies microbial community youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
4 Nov 2022 Ambar Carvallo Lopez Organic tomato breeding, improving flavor, yields, and disease resistance youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
2 Dec 2022 Jesus Arroyo Relion Finding structure in brain networks youtube (653k)    
3 Feb 2023 Brenda Betancourt Introduction to record linkage and its applications youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)  
3 Mar 2023 Federico Rey Gut microbes and cardiometabolic health youtube (653k)    
7 Apr 2023 Pablo Moreno-Yaeger How do volcanoes respond to glaciation? youtube (653k)   tiktok (653k)
5 May 2023 Daniel Ojeda-Juarez Understanding neurodegenerative diseases: From Alzheimer’s to Mad Cow Disease youtube (653k)    
1 Sep 2023 Michel Geovanni Santiago-Martinez Can we find methane-producing microorganisms everywhere? youtube (653k)    
6 Oct 2023 Nahui Medina Chavez Archaea: Earth’s Ancient Microbial Architects youtube (653k)    
3 Nov 2023 Lluvia Flores-Renteria Plants withour borders: Genetic connectivity in ecologically and culturally important plants youtube (653k)    
2 Feb 2024 Hector Baños Mathematics and DNA youtube (653k)    
5 Apr 2024 Juan Caicedo Recognizing cellular activity with microscopy imaging youtube (653k)    
3 May 2024 Rene Welch          
6 Sep 2024 Gustavo Ballen          
4 Oct 2024            
1 Nov 2024            
6 Dec 2024 Melisa Carrasco McCaul          


What is El Zoominario? It is a seminar series of scientific short talks (in English) given by Latinx in STEM. The goal is to increase visibility of Latinx people in STEM and inspire the next generation of Latinx scientists. The talks are meant to be accessible to the general audience.

What is the format of the talks? The talks are 15-20 minutes long of a scientific topic explained in accessible terms to a broad audience. At the end of the talk, the speaker chooses to share interesting facts about their Latinx culture.

How can I watch? Currently, live attendance is restricted to people at UW-Madison and close collaborators. Anybody can watch the recorded talks in the youtube channel.

I am at UW-Madison, how can I watch the talks live? You need to join the UW google group “el-zoominario” (or email me) to be added to the mailing list. Emails to the group will contain login information.

Why are the youtube comments disabled? Currently, we do not have the time to guarantee that all comments will be polite, respectful and family-friendly. Since we want to make these talks accessible to any audience, we prefer to block comments for now.

I want to give a talk or nominate someone to give a talk? Great! Please fill out this google form.

Meet the organizers

Originally from Mexico City, Claudia Solís-Lemus is an assistant professor at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Daniel Pimentel-Alarcon is an assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

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