Math and Engineering

Date Country Speaker Title YouTube TikTok
6 Nov 2020 Jose Alonso Solis-Lemus Supporting 2 patients with 1 ventilator youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
6 Aug 2021 Victor Zavala Sustainability Challenges in the Dairy Industry youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
5 Nov 2021 Fernando Campos Hasta la vista, baby! Terminating Cardiac Arrhythmias with Computer Simulations youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
1 Jul 2022 Nayomi Plaza Rodriguez Elucidating the nanoscale interactions between wood and water youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
5 Aug 2022 Diana Tabima Martinez Engineering a small diameter vascular graft youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)

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