Data Sciences

Data Sciences comprise Statistics, Machine Learning and Computer Science, and attempt to extract meaningful information out of data in a variety of applications.

Date Country Speaker Title YouTube TikTok
2 Oct 2020 Daniel Pimentel-Alarcon Machine-learning, inside the black-box youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
8 Jan 2021 Claudia Solis-Lemus Learning the Tree of Life youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
7 May 2021 Fabricia Nascimento Simulation framework for HIV epidemics youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
4 Jun 2021 Vianey Leos Barajas Latent structures in ecological and environmental data youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
2 Dec 2022 Jesus Arroyo Relion Finding structure in brain networks youtube (653k)  
3 Feb 2023 Brenda Betancourt Introduction to record linkage and its applications youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)

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