Biological/Agronomy Sciences

Date Country Speaker Title YouTube TikTok
4 Dec 2020 Rosana Zenil-Ferguson Impact of polyploidy and biome on fern diversification youtube (653k)  
5 Feb 2021 Helena Jaramillo-Mesa Unraveling protein production mechanisms in plant viruses youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
2 Apr 2021 Quimi Vidaurre Fungi and fungus-farming insects: friends and enemies youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
2 Jul 2021 Ariadna Gonzalez-Solis Plant membrane lipids, a tale of life and death youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
3 Sep 2021 Stephanie Colon-Santos Looking for life: A quest into the Origins of life and Astrobiology youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
7 Jan 2022 Ana Salgado Ecological implications of host plant quality for herbivorous insects youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
4 Feb 2022 Miguel Reyes Does stress help us adapt and survive? youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
1 Apr 2022 Juliana Gonzalez Tobon What makes potatoes sick? youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
6 May 2022 Adriana Romero-Olivares Fungal responses to climate change and consequences to our ecosystems youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
2 Sep 2022 Laura Muñoz Baena Less Is More: How Viruses Evolve Compact Genomes youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
7 Oct 2022 Natalia Rosario-Melendez Bacterial languages: Communication in a multispecies microbial community youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
4 Nov 2022 Ambar Carvallo Lopez Organic tomato breeding, improving flavor, yields, and disease resistance youtube (653k) tiktok (653k)
1 Sep 2023 Michel Geovanni Santiago-Martinez Can we find methane-producing microorganisms everywhere? youtube (653k)  
6 Oct 2023 Nahui Medina Chavez Archaea: Earth’s Ancient Microbial Architects youtube (653k)  

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